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Have you noticed the amount of celebrities who have all of a sudden grown long, flowing locks? The key to their fabulous hair is the clever use of hair extensions, carefully blended to match exactly with their own hair. Hair extensions offer instant volume for limp tresses or emergency relief from a disastrous haircut. Bangz Salon & Spa offers a variety of methods of hair extensions depending on your type of hair & what look you are trying to achieve. We always offer a FREE, no obligation consultation to help you decide if extensions are right for you. During the consultation, you will receive a quote on pricing which varies by method, hair thickness & length.

One of the hair extension methods uses No glue, No chemicals, No heat, and No sewing, weaving, or braiding. Our strand to strand system uses our own Tress Tube Method which are so small they are virtually undetectable. They also come in different colors to closely match your hair at the point of attachment. Unlike other bonding methods, the “I” tip hair in the Tress Tube System is RE-USABLE and the Tress Tubes are lined with silicone so there is no slipping! The hair tresses can be tightened and maintained so the hair may be used over and over for up to 1 year or longer and it comes in all colors and shapes (straight, wavy, or curly)!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Below are list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) that may help to answer many of the inquiries you have regarding hair extensions. Please call the salon at 813-879-6333 if you would like additional information or to SET UP A FREE CONSULTATION.

How long can my hair extensions be?

Any length is available up to 22″, which will give you hair about to your waist. The most popular length is 16″, which will put the hair approximately at the bra line.

How much do hair extensions cost?

Hair extensions start at $200 and depend on method, length & thickness of hair required to achieve your desired look. Inclusive packages range from $1,000-$1,400, depending on length and thickness desired. Each package comes complete with the finest quality 100% human hair, professional application, blending cut, styling tips, and education on the care of your hair “investment”.

How long does the application take?

A full head application will take approximately 2-5 hours depending on the method. This includes the blending cut.

How long does my own hair have to be?

It can be as short as 3″. We can also make miracles happen with very short hair due to a bad haircut or damage from chemicals.

How long do they last?

Extensions can last for approximately 1 to 3 months depending on the method of extensions & how well they are maintained. One method (Strand by Strand) allows you to reuse the hair. If you decide to change your look, you can also store your hair for reuse at a later time.

Will I be able to wear my hair up?

Yes! The extensions are applied with that in mind, so you can wear your hair in multiple styles.

Can I still color or highlight my hair?

Yes, you can! You can have any professionally done chemical service to your hair. You can also use the extensions to do highlights without using chemicals to highlight and thicken your hair.

Can I just add volume without adding length?

Yes. Volume can be achieved with even a few well placed hair extensions.Many clients have added extensions just to the front to add some length while growing out bangs or thickness around the face.